Basement Excavation North Rocks


Dig out under a house to create a new storage space. The purpose of area was to house a pool pump and wine cellar. The excavation was 15 x 5m x 3m. The access was through the garage and then a new door opening had be created. Also the excavation was next the swimming pool above creating an additional complexity to consider.

Underhouse excavation

Project Method

The opening to the excavation area had to be cut out with an angle grinder and masonry cutting blade to create a door. Once the opening was establish the excavation could commence with the mini excavator. The bucket on the excavator was turn around to allow for an open face meaning that dirt could pulled away from the wall while maintain the shape and structure required for the conditions. A combination of hand and machine excavation was used to remove the soil as there was limited room for the machine to operate. A series of acrow props were used under the house to maintain the support for the structure until cross beams were installed to disburse the weight.

Basement underhouse excavation

Completed Excavation

This excavation took 6 days to complete and skip bins were used to remove the soil. Because the excavation work under a house is slow and tedious, using skip bins is a much better proposition as they can left until filled, then removed and replaced. This is different to other excavation projects where typically a truck is waiting to remove the dirt. A total of 15 skips bins were required to remove all the soil.

Basement excavations


The owner Gerry was very happy with his new wine cellar and storage space. As as avid wine collector the additional wine cellar space has meant that he could store a great selection of wines that he otherwise wouldn’t have bought. There is also additional filing cabinet space which is very appreciated since the family has a small business.

Brians Tight Access Excavation Under House Excavation Result North Rocks

Project Details