Footing Excavation Greenwich


Excavate a footing in a backyard that had no access at all.

Brick Wall

Project Method

The access through to the backyard had to be created by cutting a section out of the wall. Ramps were also required to be able to get down to the site area. Due to the nature of the tight access site, skillful driving and good coordination was required to complete the excavation as there was minimal room to turn, rotate and move. The excavation had to be planned completing a set of tasks in the right order just be able to get out of site again without getting stuck.

Brick Access

Completed Excavation

Completed footing excavation



The brick wall was repaired and Mr Hayward of Greenwich was very pleased with the out come as otherwise the next step was to use a hand excavator which would have taken a lot longer and been more costly. As you can see there wasn’t a lot room to move on this excavation so having the right experience and approach working so close to the house was very important.

Brick Wall Access

Project Details