Newport Swimming Pool Excavation


Excavate a swimming pool 10 x 4m, also excavate under the house to open up the area. The access to the site is down a steep embankment. The run to the top of the block from the excavation area is very long.

Newport Excavtion

Project Method

With the steep and long access to the site, a series of ramps had to constructed to provide the machines with a safe and fast way to get in and out of the excavation site. The pool was quite large requiring 15 semi trailer load of dirt to be removed for the entire excavation. Acrow props were also used under the house to maintain the structure while the excavation and construction phase took place.

Under house excavvations

Completed Excavation

This swimming pool excavation took 2 week and 15 semi trailer loads of dirt. The patio area was also opened up giving the back yard a completely different feel.

Swimming pool


This Newport resident was very happy with the outcome. They were surprised by the added spaced under the house once the excavation was complete and what difference it made. The construction of their wonderful pool and entertaining area over looking the water was under way should be ready for Christmas.


Project Details