Roseville Swimming Pool Excavation


Excavate a swimming pool 9m x 4m and remove a retaining wall to allow room for the pool shell. The access to the back yard was down the side of the house and only 1100mm. The run to street was around 75m.

Tight FIx Excavation Demo

Project Method

For this job the 1100mm access allowed the 2 ton Takeuchi excavator to be used. Quite remarkably the Takeuchi’s track frame is retractable and can shrink down to 980mm from 1300mm which enables the lager machine to fit down the tight access site. The Yanmar mini dump trucks 900mm were used to run the soil out to the semi trailer on the street. A hydraulic Altas Copco rock breaker was used to break up the concrete retaining wall.


Completed Excavation

This excavation project took 3 days to complete and 70 cubic meters of dirt was removed.



This owner was full of praise for the team from Brian’s Tight Access and they commented on how professionally the job was completed. They were especially appreciative for the care that was taken by the team when driving next to their tiled patio as there was no damage.


Project Details