Swimming Pool Excavation Tempe


Excavate a swimming pool 7m x 3m, level the back yard and excavate for the sewer encasement. The challenge for this project was the access being very narrow along the side of the house. At the narrowest point the access was 750mm which didn’t leave a lot of room to allow machinery in for this excavation.


Project Method

This project was a true example of mini excavation and the only way to complete this project was to use the mini excavator 730mm wide and mini dump trucks 700mm wide to run the soil out. The job required careful driving when running the out the dirt as the distance was very long and narrow down the side of the house.

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Completed Excavation

This excavation took 5 days and was completed on time allowing the next trade to continue as scheduled. The back yard was also leveled creating a much more open and usable space.

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The Gould’s were very happy with their new back yard as they could already see their plans taking shape. Swimming Pool Excavation Sydney.


Project Details