Woollahra Retaining Wall Excavation


Demolish an old brick retaining wall in Woollahra which is going to be rebuilt by a builder. The retaining wall was damaged and needed replacing for safety concerns. The wall was also looking very out dated. The access to the site was through the car port which was very small. The hight of the access was restrictive as as well as the width.


Project Method

For this project we’re using and excavator and small dump trucks. The material is run out to the semitrailer waiting on the street. For any demolition work, experience working with the material and also understanding the surrounding structures is very important. In conduction with the builder a number of steps are worked out and the wall is carefully removed. Some general excavation work to clear the dirt from the site and a footing excavation was also required to prepare the bed for the new wall.


Completed Excavation

This retaining wall excavation was completed on-time and safely. All the soil was removed allowing the builder to continue with the next phase of the project.



The excavation and demolition was completed for the owner Glen. He was very happy with result and his contractors could continue the next piece of work with a nice and clean site.


Project Details