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Dialmond Rock Saw Brian's Tight Access ExcavationsBrians Tight Access Excavations is an innovator in mini excavation. Brian specialises in very difficult and narrow access excavation work done with mini excavation machinery. If you have stairs to negotiate, walls, severe drops or bends, steep slopes or generally just poor access, Brian’s Tight Access Excavations is the specialist in this type of work. Brian’s completed several thousand excavations over a period of 25 years. He works with the leading Pool companies in Sydney and a variety of domestic home and commercial builders. Brian specialises in swimming pool excavations, under house excavations, major land reshaping works, swimming pool demolitions and pool fill-ins. His mini excavation equipment includes 1.9 ton, 1.6 ton & 1 ton mini excavators, mini tippers, semi-trailers, rock hammers and a diamond edge rock saw. swimming pool demolitionBrian has a range of long ramps for literally constructing access when there is no access. He can go through the front door of a house, over a house or cut out sections of brick walls and rebuild them again. He can gain access by water, crane, you name it, there is always a way to get an excavation with his min digger machines. His excavation work is always quality and to a standard that you only develop with 25 years’ experience in the industry. Brians Tempe Full ResHis methods are cost effective because he’s so efficient at removing the spoil. The easy bit is digging the excavation, the difficult and challenging piece of tight access excavation is actually removing the spoil in a fast and efficient manner. This is where Brian’s experience and methods come to the forefront as he is the expert in tight and difficult access excavation work. Contact Brian and he’ll be happy to chat to you about your access difficulties.

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As featured in the NSW Master Builders Built It Guide for Innovative Exacavation

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With 25 years of experience, Brian is the person to call for tight & difficult access work.

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