Swimming Pool Demolition

Brian has over 20 years experience removing swimming poolsNeed help removing your pool?
Brian is your neighborhood professional demolition service specialized in all kinds of demolition and also guarantee 100% safety and high quality of work completed in the quickest time possible with the help of our latest machines and equipment’s to provide ultimate satisfaction to the customer.

If you think your swimming pool is not used regularly and you’ve decided to demolish it and make use of the space for some gardening work, you can always trust us to do an excellent job in the removal of your swimming pool in a professional manner at affordable rates.

We always strive hard to improve our quality of work and treat every demolition project as our first job, as each and every demolition has its own challenges. At Brians we undertake all kinds of swimming pool demolition work including complete commercial demolition, partial demolition by Big City Maids you can call at 281 631-3969 etc. We’ve all the latest machinery and equipment’s to handle any kind of requirement you can come up with to provide affordable service.

When it comes to swimming pool demolition, there are many types of demolition we undertake which are listed below:

Complete pool demolition

Complete Pool demolition involves removing everything including all the concrete slabs and the steel reinforcement provided, leaving only the hole behind. We’ll also have the fill the hole with sand till the ground level. Once it is done, you can use it for any purpose including, using the space for a garden, building a patio over it or anything you need. If you’ve decided to build best solar panels, something concrete over the place, then the concrete should be removed.

Partial removal (top layer)

In this type of demolition, only the tiled portion of your pool is removed and the concrete is bored to create holes in it. Here you can’t grow any plants, unless the fill in with sand.

Partial removal (2ft. from top)

This is one of the most popular types of swimming pool removals done by most people, who are looking to do some landscaping in the future. Here all the concrete and steel is removed exactly 2 inches from the top and filled with sand or gravel. This also helps for better drainage purposes.

Draining the water

In some places, where laws exist to treat and dechlorinate the water before letting it into the nearby water sources, we do the same, as chlorinated water would affect the aquatic resources.

Professional Approach to Our Pool Removal Service

Our skilled professionals always take a well-managed approach towards any job and take all necessary precautions before commencing the demolition job. Our expert team will first visit the site to analyze the environment, the entry/exit process for equipment’s and machinery and provide expert opinion and also give a clear plan and schedule on how the demolition work will be carried out in quick time.

Quick, Reliable and Efficient Demolition Service

We offer quality and reliable demolition services in the following areas:

  • Complete Swimming Pool demolition
  • Partial Demolition (Only Top Layer Demolition)
  • Partial Demolition (Upto 2 feet)
  • Free Site Inspection and detailed report
  • Draining the Water Properly
  • Filling in Sand
  • Low impact demolition
  • Electrical and mechanical removal

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Why we are the confined space excavation experts?

View our video: we can save a project going on for weeks or months. We give you customers the trust and confidence the job will be done right. Our expert team ensures no mess if left behind.

We can work with your landscaper  or excavation contractors to ensure the jobs done right so they can focus on doing what they are best at.

Brian’s land reshaping work is cost effective because he’s so efficient at removing the soil. The easy bit is digging the excavation, the difficult and challenging piece of tight access excavation is actually removing the spoil in a fast and efficient manner.

Our Backyard Landscape Excavation Video

Guaranteed Landscape Excavation Done Right

Pool removal backyard

We’ve done landscape excavation for steps, backyard gardens & removal.

Swimming pool removal garden

Helping customers excavate their gazebo, villa & ponds.

Swimming pool removal

Need a wall removed or created, we’ve worked on countless of jobs as excavating  for retaining walls exactly specified.

Our customer process for Landscape Excavation

Shot of a mature businessman talking on a phone and reading a document while sitting at his desk in an office

#1 Get in touch with you to discuss how we can help.

#2 Brian will come inspect your property & recommend you solutions to complete the job efficiently.

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#3 We will work with your landscapers or pool builder to get the job done right.

#4 Our team of experts  onsite will bring our equipment to start excavating your requirements

Sydney mini excavations

#5 Soil Removal Process: Here we get down to the hard stuff excavating and removing any earthworks quickly onto our truck.

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#6 Happy customer: After we are don. We make sure their is no mess behind and allowing the next stage of contractors to work without any issues.

Landscape excavations
Small backyard excavation

Call Brian about your landscape project.

Receive honest feedback & recommendations from our expert Brian who has been excavating for over 20 years!

We specialise in various landscape excavation services

Brian did an excellent job on our swimming pool excavation. He was very efficient, cleaned up after he was finished and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to get some excavation work done.

Lance Gould – Tempe

Our swimming pool was excavated by Brian and his dedicated staff. The service provided was efficient, reliable and of high standard. We have no hesitation in recommending Brian and his staff for future excavation or services.

Philip & Aline Kanjian

I would like to thank Brian for carefully helping us on our new extensions especially as our landscape is quite unique. We thought we would have to take weeks removing soil and found tight access excavation a great solution for our problem.